Over the last year I've been overwhelmed by the support I've received, not least from those of you
who braved the snow and weather to attend my recitals at Christmas, and in January of this year.

A voice is a little like a company – it can take a long time, and a lot of investment before its ready
for market. After my recent experience in Dublin I have come back inspired, focussed and most
importantly, firmly believing that I am worth that investment.

But there is still much work to be done.

A lot of people have asked me what it takes to achieve in this arena, what it costs, and if they can
support in other ways. I think people deserve an answer to those questions, and so I have set out
below what a year in my life looks like, and other ways in which, if you chose to, you could support me
in my work.


What does it take?

My average day is spent singing for at least 2 hours, usually intermixed with répétiteur/accompanist
assistance, and another two hours translating, researching and understanding the pieces. On top of
that, every second day is spent in coaching of one form or another; every third day in singing lessons,
and every week in pilates (for core strength), acting and performance refreshers.

Competitions occur roughly every 3 months, and of course there are travel, accommodation and entry
fees for those. In addition, there are visits to the recording studio, ongoing training and exam fees.

What does it cost?

My singing costs only my own time. A répétiteur/accompanist costs £35 per hour, coaching £50-£55
per hour, singing lessons £100 per lesson - the travel, accommodation and courses vary.

Can I help?

I am often taken by surprise by people's generosity. Of course any offers of help are welcome. To do
what I can to make helping easier, I've asked my website people to put together the following options
for support – please feel free to give as little or as much as you like, every amount is very gratefully

I would like to support by funding a lesson with a:



Language Coach (£55)


Singing Teacher (£100)


I want to be involved! Put me down for a pledge, and keep me up to date with your progress:


Bronze £100: Free copy of the song, the album on release, and a post card from the next recital venue.

Silver £1000: the above, plus a mention of the name or company of your choice on my website for 1000
days, including a hyperlink; a signed copy of the album on release.

Gold £5000: the above, plus a concert in your home or venue of choice (travel and expenses separate if
out of London) and personal updates in the form of monthly recordings.

Platinum £15000:

This is the total for one year's work.

All of the above, plus a mention of your company or your name of choice on my
programme bio for the year and your logo or details published on the website for 5
years, including a hyperlink.

Please contact us directly if you would like to make a Platinum Pledge, as your
generosity currently exceeds PayPal's facilities.


My goal is to raise £15,000 pounds; your help is very much appreciated!